Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia

Awareness. Support. Research

Our History

The Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia Inc grew from humble beginnings when a number of parents connected following the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne publishing a newspaper article in 2002 about Kawasaki Disease.

With a shared quest to raise greater community knowledge of Kawasaki Disease, the combined effort of two parents led to the Foundation gaining its status as an Incorporated organisation in 2007.

From that point on, the Foundation continued to establish itself as an Association to support Kawasaki Disease patients, their parents/carers, families and the community. The Foundation was successful in being recognised as a charitable group and is licenced to fundraise in various States/Territories across Australia and registered with the Australia Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission

The Foundation actively collaborates with various international Kawasaki Disease support organisations and researchers.

Committee Members

Rebecca Wilby


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Meagan Mitchell

Queensland Coordinator

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Joce Turner

Western Australia Coordinator

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Simone Staaden

Committee Member

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Shirley Mates


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Penny Scott & Isaac Long

Tasmania Coordinator

Tasmania Fundraising Coordinator

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Cameron Mates

Committee Member

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