The Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia is proud to collaborate with other Australian and overseas organisations that can offer support to our KD Community.


We are thrilled to have worked with HeartKids to have information about Kawasaki Disease and details of our website included as part of their new website (see links below),

HeartKids is the only national not-for-profit organisation solely focused on supporting and advocating for all people impacted by childhood heart disease, one of the largest causes of infant death in Australia.

Many KD kids are also heart kids and we collaborate with HeartKids to help them and their families to lead the most fulfilling life possible and to reach their personal goals.

What is the difference between Congenital Heart Disease and Acquired Heart Disease?

A congenital disorder is a medical condition that is present at the time of birth. An acquired disorder is developed during the lifetime of an individual and is not present at birth.

Read the facts about Congenital Heart Disease at
Read about Acquired Heart Disease at

The Genetic Support Network of Victoria

Are a state wide organisation who support all people with genetic, undiagnosed and rare conditions and those who support them.


KD Foundation United States

Parents Association For Kawasaki Disease (PAK) – Japan

Societi – The UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease

Kawasaki Disease Canada

Kawasaki Disease Italy

Spanish Kawasaki Disease Association (Asenkawa) – Spain