Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia

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Address : Brentford Square, 3131, Victoria, Australia

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Kawasaki Disease Foundation Membership Form

The Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia Inc is a not for profit registered charity that aims to provide support to those impacted by Kawasaki Disease. Please complete our membership application as we’d love to be able to keep connected with you and this also assists to maintain data on Kawasaki Disease in Australia.
Kawasaki Disease Foundation Membership Form

How can I help raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease?

There is so much that you can do to help raise awareness.

  • Join the Foundation
  • Join our social media groups
  • Share your story
  • Share KD news and information
  • Fundraise through your daycare, school, sporting events, BBQs
  • Grill’d burgers fundraiser
  • Birthday or special event fundraising
  • Morning tea
  • Hand out posters and leaflets to your local community
  • Display posters and leaflets in your local health and medical centres, daycares, school etc
  • You can donate via our Go Fundraise Page by clicking on the link.

Please refer to our resources to download fact sheets, posters, flyers etc. Or you can get in touch with the Kawasaki Disease Foundation to find out more.