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Understanding long-term outcomes of Kawasaki disease

The University of Western Australia is grateful for the support of the Kawasaki Disease Foundation of Australia to enable research to improve understanding of Kawasaki Disease.

Following the publication of the study on the incidence of Kawasaki disease in WA, researchers at the University of Western Australia, in collaboration with Perth Children’s Hospital, aim to build on this data with an examination of the utilisation of health care resources (visits to emergency department or hospital admissions) and long-term outcomes for children who suffered Kawasaki Disease, compared with an age-and sex-matched cohort of children without heart disease. This will give some information on a disease for which the outcomes, both during childhood, adolescence and adulthood are not well-known. WA is the only state with records back to 1980, providing the longest possible follow-up in Australia. We will also have the opportunity to examine whether, over time, other health problems arise, perhaps related to the inflammatory response which is a feature of the disease.

The findings from the study may enable the identification of those cases of Kawasaki disease at risk for ongoing health problems requiring admission or ED attendance and for whom ongoing monitoring and early intervention in the transition to adulthood could delay or mitigate serious adverse events. Knowledge of the likelihood, or otherwise, of ongoing health problems needing repeat hospital contacts will enable families, and those suffering Kawasaki Disease as children, to understand the possible long-term risks and the need for ongoing monitoring. That information can be used to guide their health care choices in the future.

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Dr Jelena Saundankar


Paediatric Cardiologist

Perth Children’s Hospital

Assistant Professor Pamela Bradshaw

BA, Grad Dip (Nsg Ed), MSc, PhD

Clinical Epidemiologist, Adjunct Research Fellow

School of Population and Global Health, University of Western Australia

Professor David Burgner


Paediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Dr Deane Yim


Paediatric Cardiologist

Perth Children’s Hospital

Dr Andrew Bullock


Paediatric Cardiologist

Perth Children’s Hospital

Throughout the month of January it was our objective to launch our KD Research Campaign. Research into Kawasaki Disease is the key to finding out more and we are excited to announce a new KD research proposal coming out of the University of Western Australia!!

The KD Foundation will match community fundraising DOLLAR for DOLLAR, up to a maximum amount of $5,000. We would value your support via a donation to this research via our GoFundraise campaign, all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Whilst we understand that many of you have already donated to the bushfire & wildlife appeal any donation towards this research project is greatly appreciated.



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