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Kawasaki Disease (KD) Awareness: KD is the most common cause of acquired ? heart disease in kids in developed countries.
Unlike congenital heart disease which a child is born with, acquired heart disease occurs during one’s lifetime. Kawasaki Disease is a type of vasculitis which causes blood vessels to become inflamed. KD typically affects the blood vessels around the heart, otherwise known as the coronary arteries.

During the month of January the Kawasaki Disease Foundation launched their very first own KD Awareness Campaign in the lead up to KD Awareness Day on Jan 26.   We also announced our assistance with the University of Western Australia new research project into long term effects of KD in Australia. We are hoping with your help to raise $10,000 towards funding this project. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

University of Western Australia Research Project Fundraiser


We were really pleased how our KD community got behind the campaign. We saw many families doing their own bit to raise awareness in their own networks. We saw the WEAR RED theme on KD Day really take off on social media with many KD Kids and their friends wearing red for KD Day! Make sure you head over to our instagram page to see some of the amazing posts!

You can also do a WEAR RED DAY in your workplace, child’s school/childcare throughout the month or year. If you’d like some help with flyers/posters please reach out to the Foundation, below is an example of one that was done up for this year.


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