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Blood Synergy community consultation

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If you have a professional interest in blood products, work in healthcare, have donated blood or have ever received blood products then you are invited to contribute to the Bloody Synergy’s community consultation survey.

The Blood Synergy community consultation is now open and your contribution will help shape future research. The goal is to improve patient wellbeing and outcomes and the way donated blood is used. What do you think is important, what in your opinion would make a difference in the delivery of care to people receiving blood products?

Blood Synergy is inviting input from people who: 

  • Have received blood products in Australia (including red blood cells, platelets, plasma products or immunoglobulins), or expect to in the future
  • Are carers or a relative of someone who has received blood products
  • Have donated blood in Australia
  • Are healthcare professionals
  • Have a professional interest in blood products (including government, policy, industry, research, laboratory and others)

If any of those describe you, Blood Synergy want to know what you think is important – no matter how big or small.

For further information or to complete the survey, please click on the link: Community Consultation – Blood SynergyThe community consultation survey has been approved by Monash University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (Project 39301).