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International Collaborative Response to COVID-19

With the recent media spotlight on Kawasaki Disease resulting in news reports across the globe of a possible association with COVID-19, we have been working collaboratively behind the scenes with many other Kawasaki Disease support organisations and specialists around the world. This collaborative approach ensures consistency in information, and helps to keep us all informed about the latest understandings of Kawasaki Disease and its impact on people worldwide.

We are incredibly grateful for these relationships with other key Kawasaki Disease support organisations and we have come together to issue a Shared Statement to address the recent media reports.

Special thanks go out to Societi, (the UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease), Rari ma Speciali, (Kawasaki Disease Italy), Kawasaki Disease Canada, Asenkawa, (Kawasaki Disease Spain), and all our medical advisors for your shared wisdom and commitment to supporting our Kawasaki Disease communities. We thank you

To view our shared statement click here


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