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Kawasaki Disease and COVID-19

Kawasaki Disease has been highlighted in the media recently with a possible association with COVID-19. This has stemmed from some information shared initially via the NHS in the UK, which has travelled further afield. This information suggests that some children have presented with symptoms of Kawasaki Disease and COVID-19, though not all children with these presenting symptoms have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Although it is too early to determine whether there is a specific link, more research will need to occur before concrete conclusions are made.

What we do know, is that all parents and carers should remain vigilant, and if your child displays symptoms of either illness, seek medical advice. Our Kawasaki Disease Foundation medical advisor, Dr David Burgner, spoke about these new observations in a segment on ABC News Hour (28 April 2020, Series 2020, Episode 85) and has been quoted in various news sources. Dr Burgner said “parents should not be overly worried, these are rare conditions so the risk to an individual child is low, so we can be reassuring about that”

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